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This Isn’t Rocket Science!

By January 6, 2015February 25th, 2021Destroying Conventional Wisdom


In 2015 why not stop going to conferences and seminars. Save the money you would spend on SXSW. No more webinars, focus groups, mind-numbing data, or guru advice needed. You don’t need an advertising agency to give you a smoke and mirrors routine.

Seriously…there is one simple objective and action you need to take to succeed in business in today’s digital age.

It’s going to sound so simple it will make you wonder why you haven’t understood it’s clarity. Ready for it? I know you’ve heard me say it over and over. But here it goes again.

Give the people what they want!

It’s that simple. (well, you also have to execute and bring it daily!)  But it really is a focus that all of you can hone in on. Trust me. Send me a check later from all of the money and time that you’ll save. Imagine no more meetings or conference calls where you leave with an empty, vapid feeling of wanting to bang your head against the wall.

All you have to do is execute, fail forward, and have a relentless approach to distance yourself from your competition.

Your mission has 2 steps. Yes…just two steps.

1. Find out what your audience truly wants. (if for some reason you don’t know already)

2. Give it to them over and over.

Then you might want to add step 3… cash checks!

Think I’m lying? Try it. Try your best to find out what your audience wants. Then bust your ass giving it to them. Do whatever you can to give it to them. You’ll be amazed with the results.

But I have one caveat. Don’t attempt this if you feel that marketing is about pushing YOUR message. Today, it’s all about your audience and what THEY want. The old adage of two ears and one mouth really should be resonating in your marketing.

Barry Cunningham

Author Barry Cunningham

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