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Music Fans Are Social Media!

By December 12, 2013February 25th, 2021

I was speaking with a few of my colleagues at LiveNation the other day and the conversation centered around social media and touring bands. They were aware that I’ve previously given my thoughts as to my belief that Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead created the first social media network.

It was a pleasure to hear that the people over at LiveNation had performed some research to underscore what I’ve been thinking. The results of their data, as seen in the infographic below, validates the fact that music fans are indeed the most active users of social media and they are also arguably the most desirable consumers for brands to target.

Here’s something to think about. Why are social users called “fans” and “followers“? Could it be that the biggest social networks knew that social media was best suited for sports and entertainment? As I begin to focus more and more on working in music and sports, I’m seeing that to be true.

I see the opportunity, and the need, for brands to align with celebrities, entertainers, athletes and sports teams that can activate huge, engaged, and enthusiastic fan bases.

Take a look at the numbers below and I think that you’ll agree that the future of successful social media is brands being able to tap into these massive fanbases and successfully creating affinity with these audiences in a very authentic manner.

I know where my focus for 2014 will be!

(click on image for full size view) musicinsocial

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