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Harvard Medical School Asks “What Does the Spleen Do?”

By December 12, 2013February 25th, 2021Destroying Conventional Wisdom


Ever have the privilege of seeing a dancing spleen? Until today, neither have I. But that’s all changed since I saw a video on YouTube that answered a very important question that I’ve always pondered. “What Does The Spleen Do?”

This video was created for the 107th Annual Second Year Show by the Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Class of 2016. It’s a parody of the amazingly popular video by Ylvis, “The Fox“.

This video simply leaves me shaking my head. What is the problem with many advertising agencies not understanding how to create stellar social content. This video is on its way to a million plus views and it was created by college kids! Sure, they are Harvard students but do they really have more aptitude and innovation than a trained advertising professional?

Don’t answer that. Just enjoy the video.

BTW, what really is fueling this video is also the timing of it. It’s also #FinalsWeek and that hashtag is trending on Twitter right now. Maybe these Harvard kids understand real-time marketing better than many advertising agencies. could that also contribute to their social media success?

Never mind, the more I ask myself these questions the more frustrated I get.

Barry Cunningham

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