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Game Over On Facebook!

By April 3, 2014February 25th, 2021Creative Disruption

I bet the video below sums up the conversation taking place in conference rooms around the country. If you haven’t had the conversation yet, trust me, it’s coming. Panic is beginning to set in as there will be lots of explaining ahead.

When you’re asked “why are we spending so much time and resources on Facebook when no one is seeing our “content” and Facebook has already told you that they’ve turned off the spigot?”

facebookpanicWill you have an answer? Don’t look at me. I’ve been ringing the bell about the iceberg ahead for quite some time. But no one wanted to listen. It was just Barry being crazy. It was Barry being the contrarian.

It’s not that any of us were clairvoyant. The iceberg wasn’t hidden. YOU closed your eyes. It was easier to pull the wool over your client’s eyes instead of advising them as to the realities of social media marketing.

You wrote the books heralding techniques that garnered an amazing 2 or 3% engagement. You made the pithy speeches telling them to stick it out. You made the same lame pitches to prospects over and over again extolling the virtues of Facebook.

All the while knowing the truth. Now what are you going to do? Build a fire and sing some songs? The charlatans are scrambling for cover.

Yep, it’s over. The exodus has begun. Last one out, please turn off the lights. The Facebook gig is up. It’s closing time. Actually it’s been over for quite some time. It’s just that the “tipping point” has been reached on the bell curve and the early majority is now realizing it to be true.

However, with all of this, there is a silver lining for us opportunistic marketers. If you actually want to operate a business, and allocate a real budget towards advertising on Facebook, there is success to be had. But you actually have to create and post content that people actually want to see. Which disqualifies most brands.

No one wants to see your brand messaging. So stop posting it. Facebook flat out said what content that it wants to see.

“Our surveys show that on average people prefer links to high quality articles about current events, their favorite sports team or shared interests…”

There you have it. There’s your recipe for Facebook success. It’s that simple. Maybe add in a modicum of caring and you’re all set. Just post that, rinse and repeat. What’s so difficult about that? You don’t need reams of data. You don’t need a content calendar. Just do what they tell you to do. It’s easy!

I’m actually seeing great results posting content that’s smack dab in Facebook’s sweet spot. I’m seeing some agencies and brands experiencing success as well.

Until more brands and their agencies learn how to operate as a brand newsroom, posting information that the users want, not what the brand wants, they will continue to see their reach evaporate.

You no longer control the message. The sooner you realize that the better.It’s easy to market on Facebook. You just have to follow the directions. The key is learning how to position your brand so it aligns WITH the content instead of BEING the content.

For the life of me I just can’t understand why some brands and their agencies simply refuse to listen. Oh well.

Barry Cunningham

Author Barry Cunningham

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