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The True Meaning of a Social Business

By March 14, 2014February 25th, 2021Creative Disruption


I recently watched this great interview with Brian Solis and Simon Mainwairing and it compelled me to write this article. The world around us has forever changed in the digital era.

There is so much to absorb in this video that I recommend that you watch it a few times. I’ll look to highlight a few nuggets that really stood out for me.

“If you put media in the hands of citizens and consumers, that’s going to change everything”

How very true. Everyday I see how social media has given the power to an audience. No longer to be dictated to but rather the audience now controls messaging. From political arena to the marketplace, the consumer’s voice now resonates more than it ever has before.

“consumers are looking for companies to add meaning to their life…if you want me to buy your product, you have to add value to my life”

So you mean a brand simply can’t tell you about what matters to them anymore? A brand can’t simply interrupt as a form of getting their product sold to the masses? People actually want brands to provide a tangible reason for us to care? Yes!!

“consumers will buy your product, recommend your product and even switch to purchase your product, if you demonstrate an authentic commitment to the core values of your brand”

Authenticity is such an easy concept to understand but yet for many brands they can’t seem to execute upon it. If they understood the payoff, then perhaps they would. It’s in their best interest to delve into the realm of authenticity and become comfortable in it.

In the video, Simon talks with Brian about the need to be more human and to embrace the meaning of being a true social business. As he says, the key here is to inspire your customer community to build your business with you and by doing so they’ll be promoting your business.

The true power of social media and the greatest thing that people miss…it’s not the ability to treat social as a broadcast mechanism to sell something, it about the ability to communicate a story meaningful enough that you want to share it with your closest friends.

Barry Cunningham

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