The Monogram Group Advertising Agency Will Be “Famous Now”

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The Monogram Group is a small advertising agency based out of Chicago with much bigger “dreams”. Headed by Scott Markman, a 32 year industry vet who founded the company 23 years ago, the agency decided to risk it all and accept an appearance on AMC’s show, “The Pitch“.

Monogram appears in tomorrow’s season finale episode vying for the Fuller Brush business. (yeah…I said Fuller Brush…I didn’t know they were still around either)

I’ve watched every episode of The Pitch since it first aired and every single week, I leave wondering if AMC doesn’t get the shift in digital and social media or do the agencies on the show simply not get it. If you’re in social media in any capacity and have watched any episode of the show you know what I mean.

Last week’s agencies were the absolute worst. One had 28 followers on Twitter and the other had none. Yes, you read that right. The other had none! Actually, they didn’t even have a Twitter account.

I had to pinch myself. We’re in late 2013 and one of the agencies that AMC picked to be on their program didn’t even have a Twitter account. How they are even in business in this day and age is beyond my comprehension.

But there seems to be a bright spot on the horizon. An agency that’s apparently looking to break the social chains of The Pitch. In an effort to up their presence on social media and to distance themselves from the lame agencies that have thus far appeared on the show, the Monogram Group created a video with the help of a local area rapper I.B. Fokuz.

The result, as you will see below, is a culturally relevant music video that is catchy, fun and well produced. See for yourself:

So let me pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming like Scott Markman was in the video.

Could it actually finally be happening? Is AMC actually featuring an agency that’s progressive in approach, understands social, can create amazing content and actively maintains a thriving audience and social presence on the major networking platforms? Could it really be true?

Well apparently it is. Now let’s tune in tomorrow and see if Fuller Brush can appreciate being able to work with an agency that actually gets social.

Good luck Monogram Group. It’s time for you guys to be #FamousNow.

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