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Kenneth Cole Responds To Social Media Backlash Over Tweet

By September 6, 2013February 25th, 2021Creative Disruption

Kenneth Cole took to Instagram to address the firestorm of activity that ignited after he published the following Tweet:

His Tweet launched a massive response but it may not have been what he wanted…or, based upon his video above, was it indeed what he wanted.

Was it pure real-time marketing genius? Well he did raise awareness. He did gain a tremendous amount of publicity with just uttering 140 characters. So was this “micro-campaign” a success or a major #fail? You be the judge.

But does what he said in his tweet have any bearing on whether people will buy or not?

While many waited to see if he deleted it…he had the smarts not to make a big mistake even worse…the Twitterazi were waiting!

What do you think?

Barry Cunningham

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