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Halloween Videos That Rocked Social Media

By October 17, 2013February 25th, 2021Creative Disruption

As you know, I’m a big Halloween fan and I’ve been watching what some brands have been doing on Halloween and unfortunately I’m also watching what some brands aren’t doing on Halloween.

In this “live” article, I’m going to be adding videos that are being well received this Halloween. When you see some of these well made videos that are garnering millions of views, you have to wonder why more brands aren’t pumping out content like this or at minimum contracting these people to create content for them.

Check back often as I will add more and more Halloween videos as I find out about them.

The first video that I’d like to feature is the “Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise”. This “Carrie” promo video takes place in a New York City coffee shop. It’s friggin awesome! This is the type of video stunt that gets people talking and sharing. The people behind this video created a piece of content that you can’t help but watch to the end.

The vid dropped to promote the opening of the new movie on October 18th. But this isn’t a movie trailer. It’s a prank video that’s had over 41 Million views in just over a week!! Now that’s what I’m talking about! That’s driving some serious eyeballs with a single YouTube video.

Next up is the hilarious “Drive Thru Skeleton Driver Prank”. It has nearly 6.5Million views and it was only published on Oct 1, 2013. It was created by YouTuber MagicofRahat Enjoy it.

It’s pretty cool and will certainly get you in the Halloween spirit of things.

This 2nd one got featured on Mashable but it had already reached of 2.3 Million people before it even hit the front page. It’s by YouTuber PixelsperSecond. It pokes fun at silly Halloween horror movies. It’s very well done as a movie trailer.

I see a lot of brands and there advertising agencies¬† trying to make videos that will go “viral” (man I hate that term) and I kind of chuckle in meetings whenever I hear them say it. Makes me wonder what makes them think they can create videos that will create any real buzz? It’s like cutting your own hair or performing your own surgery.

It’s not what you do. You sell stuff. Why not leave the “viral” video creation to people who know what they’re doing. People who understand what an audience wants. People who have experience driving significant views to videos.

Maybe instead of creating a video that no one wants to see then spending a gazillion dollars force feeding it down our throats because you don’t have any subscribers, perhaps you can pay an expert YouTuber with a substantial audience and experience in producing videos people actually want to see, to create one for you.

Too me, that’s a much more efficient use of resources and you’ll have a better chance of reaching an audience who’ll be receptive to an integrated message. That’s what I would do if a brand asked me how to use video to reach an audience. Especially with a short window like the Halloween shopping season.

Well I’m looking for more videos to post. I’ll keep posting videos that are Halloween related and getting over 1 Million views so check back and check them out as I curate them over the next few weeks.

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