Halloween Costumes Ranked By Social Media Buzz

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As I do my daily chores 0n social media, I check what’s trending on Twitter. One trend that’s been appearing daily and stays trending throughout the day is “Halloween”. Sometimes a second trend will appear. That being #Halloween.

If I managed a brand that made a significant portion of their annual revenue surrounding the activities of All Hallows Eve, you’d bet your bottom dollar I’d be all over those Twitter trends creating content that people would want to consume and share.

(sort of like this Ha Ha)…yeah I just dropped in an emoticon…it’s Halloween!

I love Halloween. Who doesn’t? So what can we expect to see knocking on our doors this year?

Well, if I was a brand that was a purveyor of Halloween gear, I’d make sure that I posted content with lots of fun facts and pictures to take advantage of the Halloween Buzz. So I’ll pretend that I am and do just that.

My sources tell me that we can expect to see plenty of Minions, Minnies, Wonder Womans, and “The Great Gatsby” flappers this Halloween when kids come knocking. My sources being Google and Bing…via Experian.

Experian says that the Minion Halloween costume, the character from the movie “Despicable Me,” is going to be the top rated costume this year.


Aside from Minion, Experian Marketing Services data ranked the Top 10 costume searches overall as Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Minnie Mouse, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Batman, Minecraft, Queen of Hearts, and Pirate.

Google analyzed trending searches on Google Shopping, and also found that Minion pulled in the most searches. Breaking Bad costumes came in at No. 2, with nearly three times more searches this year compared with last.


Anything related to the Fox from Ylvis’s “What Does the Fox Say” YouTube video, per Google, ranked No. 3. By September it had generated more than 123 million views. (I don’t get it…but OMG 123,000,000 views since September 13th ????)

Searches for Duck Dynasty costume are 3x higher this year on Google compared with last, trending highest in the state of Texas.

duck-dynasty-season-31What’s also interesting is the volume of search activity on mobile. Well…actually when you think about it, it’s not all that surprising. Mobile is where life is taking place now. (you can tweet that if you’d like)

Google searches for costumes on mobile devices grew 67% compared with last year. Interesting that an online costume retailer we spoke to reported that they have seen mobile Web site traffic rise during commute hours and on the weekend, although most shoppers use a laptop or a desktop computer to complete their purchase.

So if I were selling Halloween costumes and wanted to take advantage of the buzz and hot trend on Twitter, I’d make sure that all of my costume pages were accessible to shoppers across all screens.

I’d also make sure that all of my Halloween costumes could be found on mobile product listing ads (PLAs) on Google Shopping this year, in addition to the desktop version.

I’d also make absolutely sure that I had mobile-optimized pages to make navigating much easier for mobile shoppers. And by easier I don’t mean asking for data on every page view.

But what do I know. I’m just a blogger and I don’t manage the social media for a large Halloween costume retailer. (but I am just a phone call away!)


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