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Dumb Ways To Die | Kind Of Sick But So Innovative

By November 26, 2012February 25th, 2021Destroying Conventional Wisdom

This was a video created by the people over at the agency McCann Melbourne for the Melbourne Metro. In just a week or so since they published the video it has notched nearly 26 Million views.

Now be careful. If you watch this you may be humming it all day long. Also, please pay particular attention to the “Kidney Dance”, which is my favorite. I’m sure you’ll understand why.

The Social Networks Were Buzzing About It

It’s official. "Dumb Ways To Die: is a smash hit world wide!

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Dumb ways to die,so many dumb ways to dieeee laora pqsim :3
Hilarious. Seriously. Philbert
"thumbs up to the guy with his kidneys sold out…lolz!#dumbwaystodie #cutenessoverload #Bonevie.Janine.Niden.Unica.Shanly.Justin.Lawrence.Marvin.Brent.HansZiv Zulander
LMAO!! …#DumbWaysToDie … Grace Flanagan Romeo Guishard Jr Jared M. ClarkStacey Flanagan
Should be the opening song at the #darwinawards #dumbwaystodie Spaanderman
My mind is full of so many #DumbWaysToDie. Should let them stew them there. Might as well burst my brain with overflowing dumbness.Anurag Kalia
#DumbWaystoDie – there is an acutal message here via @metrotrainsWayland Lee
#dumbwaystodie … Really, seriously, truly, absolutely, positively, funny!!!!!!!!!! Barry Yellowfish
dumbwaystoDIEVigberto Machado
Eat a tube of superglue, I wonder what’s this red button do :3 #dumbwaystodieSierra Zohner
Sell both your kidneys on the Internet! #dumbwaystodieHoria Jurcut
Dumb ways to die | VTTH4 days ago … By Wash There are good ways to get your point across, and there are AWESOME ways to get your message across. This video …
Viral video: Melbourne Metro's “Dumb Ways to Die” | Q13 FOX News4 days ago … Viral video: Melbourne Metro's “Dumb Ways to Die” … 2FViral+video%3A+ Melbourne+Metro%27s+%22Dumb+Ways+to+Die%22+20…
Thamires says:DUMB WAYS TO DIE, DUMB WAYS TO DIEbianca
I cannot believe this is a real PSA. This is bloody brilliant! "Dumb Ways to Die" YouTube R. Simmons
iz watch this dumb ways to die vid. everyday now :’) Unicorn
I liked a @YouTube video Dumb Ways to DieAshok Khanal
Dumb Ways To Die – Melbourne Metro (HD): via @youtube so cuteQing
@maggielab5 type in dumb ways to die on you tube. It’s kind of cute in a weird way. LolEmma Getche
Crap-can’t get the tune out my head. MT @DanGregoras @RevChrisMurphyHilarious. Dumb ways to Die
Dumb Ways to Die is a #MustWatch TV Talk
Local YouTube musician @sammmydee covers cute safety song Dumb Ways To Die on ST’s Entertainment Community Straits Times
Nuha thought us how to sing ‘Dumb Ways To Die’ @SafDaBelieber @_alyanatasha28 @NitaaSwaggⓗⓐⓝⓝⓐⓗ
Glorious. Love the kidney choreography. Dumb Ways to Die is monster global viral hit for McCann Melbourne @moreaboutadsJonathan Mildenhall

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