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Why Do So Many Brands Still Not Understand The Social Economy?

By March 16, 2013February 25th, 2021Destroying Conventional Wisdom

Love this video but if you’re in traditional media….you might not want to watch this video. This video is an hour long and if you’re marketing or advertising in this social economy you need to watch this, rewind it and watch it again.  If you’re a brand who worries about “being on voice” or how comments affect you, or think of social as an extension or replication for regurgitating ads…you might want to take some serious notes here.

the-thinkerThis video just might make you uncomfortable. But it’s time to become comfortable being uncomfortable.

@GaryVee steals the show as far as I’m concerned, but all of the guys here bring it big time. Does your brand understand the need to be human? Or are you mired down in the gerbil wheel process of just blasting out the same old tired marketing messages.

Marketing in today’s social economy means you have to know when those memorable moments are going to happen. When the moment comes that people will engage, you MUST be there.

Brands must be prepared. You must be nimble. You must be willing and you must be fearless. Your audience wants value. Your audience expects you to bring compelling content. Your brand can and should “be the media”.

If you don’t bring value, if you don’t foster true and real engagement, your boring your audience. They don’t need you. Someone else will give them what you won’t.

If you’re not telling a story, adding to a story or giving your opinion on a story, you simply don’t get the value of social media.

Everyday you don’t step up and bring it, you’re falling further and further behind. When “Oreoing” has become a part of our marketing language, you’re simply being foolish if you overlook or ignore the value of communicating in real time and the need to bring valuable, compelling and contagious content to your audience.


*** If you’re in marketing or advertising and you’re not working during the Super Bowl (and I’ll add other major tent pole events) then you’re not doing your job)*** 11:50 mark

*** the need for “throwaway content” to be used as a benchmark…hmm..duh!!! easiest way to measure what works is to measure what doesn’t!***

***Learn how to talk to your consumer. listen how the Oreo incident came about during the Super Bowl (9:00 minute mark)***

***Love the comment at the 5:30 mark..classic***

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