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Tumbledown Trails Golf Course 9/11 Golf Promotion…Really???

By September 10, 2013 July 20th, 2014 Destroying Conventional Wisdom

Tumbledown Trails Golf Course please leave the marketing to the professionals. I suck at golf and if I wanted to get better, I would hire a plumber to show….oops..if I wanted to get better I’d hire a professional golf instructor. Now listen up. I know you meant well. I doubt you’re bad people out at the Tumbledown Trails Golf Course, but you need to do the same thing.

Call in a professional the next time you have an idea about a promotion. That is, if you survive this mess and are able to resume business.

For those of you who haven’t heard, or who may have been too wrapped up in discussions about Miley Cyrus, let me fill you in. The good people at the Tumbledown Trails Golf Course mad a big marketing faux pas. They decided to turn the 12th anniversary of the worst terrorist attack in our nation’s history into a marketing campaign.

And what ensued was a social media version of rounding up the lynchmob and issuing the torches and pitchforks. So much so that for 24 hours now, the folks at the golf course have been trying to calm the seas and walk the whole thing back.

If I could make one suggestion at this point…don’t make matters worse by trying to delete any more posts. There’s this thing they call a screenshot and it can really make you look pretty bad.

And after this blows over, you also might want to think twice about the moonshine promotion you’re holding next week. Are you really considering handing out a bottle of moonshine to everyone that plays that day? Seriously?


Well here’s a sample of the uproaor on social media regarding the 9/11 promotion:


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