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You Won’t Have To Run Around Naked If You’re Good At Social Media

By January 3, 2014February 25th, 2021

Nick Symmonds celebrates

Nick Symmonds knows the power of using social media to promote his personal brand and that of his corporate partners.

Symmonds is an Olympian and five-time national track champion in the 800 meters, but he lost his gear sponsorship with Nike at the end of the year.

While he did indeed have another apparel deal in the hopper, he nonetheless took to Twitter to tell his tale of having no sponsor. A bit of social media legerdemain if you will.

Symmonds, decided to train in the buff. Or at least that’s what he was portraying on his campaign on social media. After being stripped by Nike, the poor guy didn’t have any clothes to train in.

What’s interesting is the fact that Symmonds used this very same tactic to push Nike gear a few years back.

Well fortunately, or unfortunately as the case may be, (it’s a matter of perspective) Symmonds inked a deal to become a member of the #BrooksBeasts crew and landed in the Brooks Running camp.

Shortly after securing his deal, Symmonds again took to Twitter to make it official.

So why the departure from Nike? Well it seems that in addition to being an accomplished middle-distance runner, Symmonds is also a bit of an activist. He’s stated that he didn’t like the way that Nike treats their athletes. He said that Brooks Running better suits what he believes in.

“I’m a champion for athletes’ rights,” Symmonds told Runner’s World. “The way that Nike is currently writing their contracts, I think, pretty much strips the athletes of all their rights, their ability to market themselves to potential other sponsors. The reduction clauses that they had were harsh and unnecessary.”

Congrats to Nick Symmonds. It appears that he got the deal that he wanted, with a company that supports his ideology, and he’ll be dressed the next time he takes to the track!

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