“The days of manually hacking your way to ad success are no more.”  This video shows you in detail how to deploy Power 5 campaigns.

This video has over an hour of amazing information and includes some real world advice from a major ecommerce advertiser.

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Takeaway Learned?

The game of advertising on Facebook has forever changed! As they say, no longer will you be able to “hack” your way to long term profitability. That ship has sailed! 

I hope you didn’t skim the video above. I’d watch it 2 or 3 times and make sure you took notes and caught everything. It’s that important.

Account simplification and hitting your necessary conversions is the name of the game now. If you don’t hit 50 sales per week MINIMUM and 200 sales per month, you’re wasting your time advertising on Facebook.


A lot of people still don’t know what DABA is. In the video above they mention it prominently. I suggest that you take some time and familiarize yourself with DABA. You’re going to need it in your toolbox.


What Do We Do?

We make memories for your audiences. We call it Fandemonium!
Our team can run a campaign in any market in America. Very simply, we drive massive interaction with current and prospective customers in ANY geographic area. Down the street, or across the country, and we get them engaged with your business.
Many businesses that we work with have advertising agencies that make and place their commercials. But those commercials don’t work on Facebook or Instagram.
In fact, they may actually HURT your brand on those platforms. Our campaigns are also MUCH less expensive than traditional television, radio, or newspaper advertising. We eat them for lunch!

 We Build Promotions And Campaigns That:

  • Can Be Created And Up And Running In As Little As 48 Hours
  • Drive Substantial Brand Awareness
  • All You To Create Viable Custom Audiences For Ongoing Remarketing (you can’t do that with traditional media)
  • Stimulate Immediate Sales

And we do this for a fraction of what you’d pay for a local television, radio, or newspaper campaign.

We're Ready When You Are!

It'll Be Like Nothing You've Ever Seen. We're That Confident!

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