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What is DABA? Dynamic Ads for BROAD Audiences

If you MUST run ad campaigns targeting cold audiences, there really is only one way to do so…profitably… DABA baby!…not that kind of Dab insanity. I said DABA. Dynamic Ads for Broad Audiences

With DABA you can target a huge, broad audience and seek to reach people who have ALREADY expressed an interest in your type of product or service (or products and services similar to yours) even if they have never visited your website. 

Oh…do I have your attention now?

When you implement DABA, people in your target audience automatically see products from your catalog that are likely relevant to them.

Think of it as a kind of DPA for the masses. A DPA for cold audiences. If your DPA campaigns have been converting, then I surely have your attention now.

In order for DABA to work, you’re going to need to have:

  • A Facebook pixel installed (duh)
  • And a product catalog uploaded or integrated into Facebook

If you must do cold prospecting, you really need to try DABA. DABA has shown to drive great efficiency for advertisers reaching out to cold audiences and it also creates much more efficient cold audience based campaigns.



Dynamic Ads for Broad Audiences provides relevancy at scale, presents an acquisition strategy that is supported by user behavior, and generates results that are measurable down to the product level.

When DABA campaigns are in place, it’s easy to test the ability to capture an audience based on real-world signals.

Being able to target Facebook users who are interested in certain products and serve them with actual merchandise, helps advertisers target cold audiences efficiently and get their products in front of people with real purchase intent.

Click below to download the full 30 page guide about DABA.

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