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When you get involved in executing a social media promotion, it really makes you feel good when it all comes together successfully.

When you sacrifice a 4 day holiday weekend, and your team sacrifices their holiday weekend, it’s just that much sweeter. This event was a case study in how social promotions are taking the essence of social media marketing to new heights.

Papa John’s Will Go Full Throttle for U.S. Troops This Memorial Day Weekend at the Charlotte Motor Speedway

Papa John’s Pizza, along with company founder, chairman and CEO, John Schnatter, will take its hat off to America’s troops this Memorial Day Weekend with a special “Welcome Home” event and pizza party at Charlotte Motor Speedway this Sunday. The pizza celebration will be held as part of the Coca Cola 600 Race, heralded as the World’s Biggest Memorial Day Celebration, where John Schnatter will personally be on hand to help serve up fresh, hot pizzas to 10,000 members of our military and their families – and say THANK YOU.

John Schnatter: “We’ll be serving up 3,000 pizzas this Sunday alone to salute our brave U.S. troops and their family members at Charlotte Motor Speedway. We want to ‘thank’ them for protecting our freedom and let them know that their commitments and sacrifices are truly appreciated – each and every day.”

Papa John’s also is announcing its special USO Meal Deal to support the USO. From Thursday, May 23 through Thursday, May 30, Papa John’s restaurants across America will be offering two large, two-topping pizzas for $22, with $1 from every order going back to the USO. “We believe this will be a great way for all of America to get involved in saying ‘Thank You’ to our armed forces – and we hope to raise $50,000 to support the USO,” Schnatter added.

Effective social media marketing isn’t solely about tweeting or making Facebook updates. While those activities are important, they are just a small part of what social media is.

I believe in the “Amplification of Value“. I truly believe that we’re seeing the evolution of social media management. In order to make an impact, we now have to begin providing experiential stimuli. In plain English…let’s endeavor to give your audience something to talk about.

If you’re talking to a client you’re going to have a lot of competition from to get the business. Anyone can post Facebook or Twitter updates. What really sets the players apart from the wannabees is being able to activate.

There are many companies and individuals who can do online social media management. There are also many companies that can create and manage special events and promotions,

However, there aren’t a lot of companies out there that can ideate, develop, manage and execute a fully integrated socially activated promotion. Luckily, that’s exactly what we do the best. Delivering compelling original, entertaining and exclusive content that they want to see, makes our audience happy and it keeps them engaged.

From the client side, providing them with a turn-key solution  for seriously activating their audience base is much more than a matter of convenience. It’s meeting and exceeding their expectations and easily meeting their objectives.

Generating millions of valuable impressions, stimulating massive engagement, providing for a monetization opportunity, and increasing overall positive sentiment…all in real-time is what sets us apart. I’m sure that my team can do for you what we did for Papa John’s Pizza.

I’ll leave the simple tweeting and FB updating to others. I’ll stick with making experiences count for major brands. That’s seriously amplifying value.

Thanks to the team at Papa John’s for giving us this opportunity.

Hit me up on Twitter if you’d like to talk. Twitter: @barrycunningham

Big thanks to Mike Killi ( @mikekilli )who crushed it this weekend! And I can’t forget the effort that Staci Garcia ( @STACISMAIL ) played back at our social basecamp.

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