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If you’re not familiar with FTW (For the Win), you’re probably not much of a sports fan. But that’s ok. Jamie Mottram who is the Content Director for the site drops some serious knowledge in this video.

If you want to create compelling content that people will actually care about, consume, and share, then you may want to watch this video a few times and take some very specific notes.

I love FTW and I believe the “formula” that Mottram outlines here can work for content production in any niche. Here’s a few nuggets that I gleaned from his video that may be of interest for you:

1. Your homepage means nothing! So very true. I remember in the old days of content marketing how much importance we all put on designing a great homepage. Today every article that you post is your home page.In fact Mottram says that the home page doesn’t even matter. I completely agree.

2. Find what’s buzzing in social (relevant to your business) and give it a great headline, photo and further social context.

3. Making sharing a priority. Focus on that as the objective.

4. Comments don’t matter whatsoever. I don’t encourage comments either. I use the Facebook comments plugin but only for the aspect of incentivizing sharing in another form.

5. It’s all about the headline and the images

6. Try to use fun lists and features. Yes, listicles work. People love to share them.

7. Get the scoop on something socially relevant

8. Always include cool visualizations/images/video etc. Images have great social currency

9. MAXIMUM 400 words, preferably 200-300. (I’m guilty of writing some long epic posts myself but I’m doing fewer and fewer of those)

10. Optimize every post for social distribution and mobile consumption. Make sure it looks good on mobile.

I’m almost at 300 words, so I have to bounce. Please share! 🙂

Barry Cunningham

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