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Gary Busey Makes A Better Client Presentation Than You Do!

By May 12, 2013 July 20th, 2014 Rant Memes

Everyday we all run into the stupidest shit you can imagine when we see people pitching clients. Some of the stuff we hear about just leaves you shaking your head.

So today, I’m kicking off a new feature called “Rant Memes”. I’ll be posting memes that I receive from current clients, ad agency employees from around the globe and ones that I create myself.

If you create one that you’re too bashful to post, feel free to send me one anonymously and I’ll post it here on your behalf. If I choose your meme, I’ll send you an autographed set of brass balls…uh oh…can’t do that. Seems the brass balls cost about $1.50 and the official rules will cost $4,000.00! So no prizes for you!

So you’ll have to be happy with your meme being posted here.

*** IMPORTANT- Please be sure to provide me with 3 legible copies of all talent releases of any images contained in any memes from all people, animals and aliens, whether dead or alive from time in perpetuity..before any memes can be posted.***

Had ya there for a minute didn’t I? Fire away my friends. Your unrestricted access to the 1st Amendment is your currency here.

Ok…let’s begin our little rant soiree. Today’s feature comes from yours truly. Last night I was watching an episode of the Celebrity Apprentice Allstars and I was enthralled with crazy ass Gary Busey as a project manager.

I watched as a burnt-out, yet witty, actor developed quite the presentation. And I wondered aloud…How is he doing this without the requisite Powerpoint deck!

Then I realized that none of the allstars use Powerpoint decks. Then I thought back and realized that in 90 seasons of the Apprentice, no one has used a Powerpoint deck.

How can that be? Surely a Powerpoint deck is the staple of the client presentation. How else are you going to woo the prospect without a boring Powerpoint deck?

Well since I consider myself just a tad bit intelligent, I realized like the Grinch on Christmas Day, that business does come without a Powerpoint deck. Brand managers and CMOs do award business without Powerpoint decks. And like the Grinch, my heart grew 3 times last night.

Well maybe not. I just got snarkier and made this lame ass meme…which is still better than your lame ass Powerpoint presentation. And I blame Gary Busey for that.


Barry Cunningham

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