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Food Trucks And Social Media |10 Tips

By October 5, 2013February 25th, 2021Destroying Conventional Wisdom


The craze of food trucks and mobile dining has continued to be a growing business even beyond the novelty stage. Owning and operating a food truck is the same as running a bricks-and-mortar business. Which means marketing via social media is an absolute must.

With food trucks driving most of their revenue from appearances at special events, festivals and daily street locations, the operators of the most successful trucks now understand that they are in the customer relationship business just as if they had a traditional restaurant.

Like a lot of brands are finding out, social media has taken the “ownership” of your brand out of your hands, and placed the good reputation of your food truck, into the hands of your customers.

The shift in marketing now requires food truck owners to have a strong social media strategy. Unfortunately, you’re probably concentrating on your product and serving quality food. So who is executing your social media plan?

More importantly, do you even have a social media plan? Think about that for a minute. If you don’t have a well thought out social media marketing plan, you’re missing a huge opportunity. Would you hire just anybody to cook and serve your food? Of course not.

But many food truck operators hire “moonlighters” and people without any real social media strategy experience to simply push out tweets and Facebook posts. Here’s a hint. That’s not a social media strategy. That’s welfare. You’re simply giving money away. There’s no measurable return on that investment.

So what’s a food truck operator to do to activate a successful social media campaign? Check out the slide show below to find out.


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