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Florida Panthers EA Sports NHL 14 Cover Promotion | Case Study

By September 2, 2013February 25th, 2021My Work

The Challenge: To drive fans to vote for the players nominated by the Florida Panthers to be in the running to compete players from across the league to be on the cover of EA Sports NHL 2014.

The Idea: Content! Create compelling content showing the players in a different light and get fans to pay attention to an off-season promotion and keep fan interest high.

The Execution: Using videos and fun Facebook content, we drove substantial attention and excitement to the Florida Panthers fan base.

The Results: The response to this light-hearted, off-season campaign was amazing. On Facebook, we drove over 40,000 people to vote for their favorite player! And we added over 700 new fans.

On Twitter, we were able to drive over 7,000 engagements that gave us a potential reach of nearly 5,000,000 and over 54 Million impressions! A side benefit was we added nearly 4,000 new followers.



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