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If This Wasn’t A Commercial For Dunkin Donuts It Should Have Been

By September 5, 2014February 25th, 2021
Dunkin Donuts opens first store in California

Dunkin Donuts opens first store in over a decade in California

I’m not sure if this was a sponsored video on Buzzfeed, but if it wasn’t, it should definitely have been one. What resonates most with people on social media? Yup, word of mouth. And what makes word of mouth resonate more than seeing a bunch of people in Santa Monica lined up for a deep fried tasty treat.

Only question I have was this a “results in advance” play by Buzzfeed or did they cash a check for this? Actually I have one more question. How in the hell has there not been one person to ever open a Dunkin Donuts store? Was there a law against making money off of sweet, gooey goodness?

So let’s get this right. In a state where you can basically buy marijuana like a pack of gum, they didn’t have a Dunkin Donuts…anyone else see an AMAZING business opportunity here? Watch the video below and see for yourself.

Update: Over 1.2 Million views in 2 days since the video was posted. Someone missed the opportunity on this one.

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