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Here’s a Simple Example of the ROI in Social Media

By August 1, 2013 July 20th, 2014 Creative Disruption

roiSometimes we look to hard for data when we actually live it and don’t realize it. There’s no avoiding the ROI of social. I sometimes think that people feign ignorance about it. It’s found everywhere.

We go to movies based upon what our peers says. We go to hair stylists and salons based upon reviews from our friends. When we move we look for info from friends and family who know the area.

We live in an information society where we each have a credible network of people that we can ask about things.

We love our information so much that many of us won’t fly on an airline that doesn’t have wi-fi and forget staying at a hotel that doesn’t give us Internet access. Everything we do these days has a review associated with it.

That word of mouth now guides choices. It’s there that the ROI is found.

As I mention in the video above, it’s very simple to find the ROI of social. It’s everywhere.


Barry Cunningham

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