White Castle “Hires” Retired Chicago Bear Anthony “Spice” Adams | Case Study

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  • September 3, 2013

UPDATE: This promotion is a finalist for a Shorty Award for the Best Use of Video In A Social Media Campaign

.Former NFL player, Anthony “Spice” Adams retired in a very unconventional fashion. Instead of the fanfare and limelight of an ESPN interview, he and his wife took to a local White Castle restaurant and filmed a retirement video. When someone on my staff (Staci Garcia)who was monitoring the White Castle Twitter feed saw this, we knew we had something that we needed to jump in on.

The Challenge: How to generate as much buzz as possible for White Castle in a short window of time and bring our audience compelling content while driving substantial numbers for the brand.

The Idea: We would support this with an all out assault on Twitter and Facebook along with the creation of a tongue-in-cheek video highlighting Anthony’s first day of “work” at an White Castle Restaurant. In addition, I decided to tie in support for Autism Speaks and to run a campaign to help raise funds for a deserving cause.

The Execution: As you can see by the numbers above, what happened next was nothing short of amazing! Over 1 Million video views and over 50,000 Facebook interactions, all sparked by a few initial tweets. The entire, unplanned, real-time campaign went viral. Which is the actual meaning of viral. Click here to read more.

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