When Do You Close Your Website?

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  • July 21, 2013

closing-timeYou might think that I’m asking a rhetorical question. Although it may seem kind of silly, I’m actually asking you a serious question.

Let me say it again in case you blinked past it without regard. What time do you close your website. The answer, for most of us, is that we never close our websites. We’re open 24/7.

You wouldn’t think of closing your site down for the evening or on the weekend. In fact the reason that you probably created a site was to take advantage of a 365 /24/7 ideology.

So that leads me to another puzzling question. Why do so many brands and businesses close their social media monitoring? Think about that. You have spent time and money building a strong profile online and you are inviting interaction…but then when people come to visit there’s no one there responding.

If you’re not monitoring the conversation and participating in the conversation then you’re just the object of it. People are talking about you and THEY are creating the message about your brand.

A recent study concluded that 73% of customer tweets are ignored by brands. Seriously?

If prospective clients and customers are coming to your social profiles, why don’t you have anyone monitoring what people are saying. I know of some community managers that answer comments the next morning after they close up shop at 6PM. That’s absurd. Your milk is stale come the morning and your audience has moved on.

If your staff or your agency is punching out at 6PM, then you are making a HUGE mistake. #fail

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