Joyce Evans Of Fox29 Maybe You Shouldn’t Have Tweeted That

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  • October 7, 2013

joyceevansIn her best George Costanza voice, Joyce Evans of Fox29 in Philadelphia is probably asking herself… “should I not have done that…was that wrong?”

Evans sent out a very off-color tweet that made her famous on the Interwebs, but for all the wrong reason. Here’s her tweet:

“Thought ‘Breaking Bad’ was hot last Sunday? @FOX29philly See who’s breakin’ bad in SW Philly leavin’ 6 people SHOT – Tonite at Ten!”

Well, one thing for sure, she gained a lot of notoriety. Her tweet gained her over 4,300 retweets and over 1,400 favorites. I wouldn’t advise a client to do such a thing, but after all, it probably bumped her Klout score up quite a bit.

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