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Here’s your video. I hope you find value in it and that you actually commit to executing on the info. Good luck!

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Read This Disclaimer


I’ve been running paid traffic and training business owners on Facebook ads for years. I've also been a member of several Facebook groups. I've seen a lot of people come out with statements and comments that....well, are just plain wrong.

While I've done courses and traveled the country doing live seminars, I never thought I'd jump back into the game on this side. And I never planned to go public with much of what I know.

I'm not looking to denigrate anyone for the way they run their business. But it's out of control. If someone wants to make money on Facebook for the long term, I believe there is only one way to do so. Follow what works.

And you know what works? Doing what Facebook wants you to do. Voila! There's the big reveal.

The skill is interpreting what they say, having someone show you what it all means, and then being able to execute.

Can I guarantee that you will make money? Of course not.

Can I guarantee that Facebook won't change again next week? Nope, can't do that either.

What I can guarantee you is that we'll always give you the most up-to-date information. And if we charge for it, then the value will be much more than the cost.