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Rockin’ A Hotel Promotion!

The Sand Hollow Resort is an AMAZING property located in the most scenic of locations in St. George Utah. However, being a resort in Utah, it’s not someplace that you happen to just be driving and stop by. It truly is a destination for people looking to get away. Especially if you like to golf or perhaps want to immerse yourself in a first class spa experience.
Sand Hollow Resort is a destination resort positioned perfectly in southern Utah where guests can Escape. Play. Discover. Relax.”
Home of Utah’s favorite golf course, the resort also offers local opportunities for boating, motor sports, biking, and hiking at Sand Hollow Reservoir, the Sand Mountain Dunes, and Utah’s top-rated Zion National Park. Ideally located in Southern Utah, residents and guests have unlimited outdoor recreation at their fingertips.
The resort also has residences available to buy. So as you can imagine there’s plenty to offer prospective guests and owners, but the marketing task is getting people from Utah, Las Vegas and other areas to visit the property and to build substantial brand awareness. 
The resort booked music legend Kenny Loggins to perform at its beautiful red rocks lined amphitheater. The show was designed to be an intimate performance with the Professor of Rock wherein Kenny would be telling his story as well as performing his hits. Precisely the type of event that would attract the audience that Sand Hollow Resorts desires. Now, all that was left was to pump up this event and let everyone know about it.
Luckily, that’s what we specialize in!
And with the power of Facebook we can quickly focus on a geo-targeted demographic with a viable campaign that provides a hotel with both immediate revenue potential as well as the development of a database that provides a hotel property with the opportunity to engage new and existing customers with the click of a button.

The Challenge

As often is the case when we are brought in, it’s because traditional advertising didn’t get it done. AND it’s usually fire drill time. This event was quite typical. Typical in regards to how late we were brought in (12 days out)…and typical in regards to how we crush it for our clients. We especially love working with hotel and resort properties because those properties are perfect for Facebook promotions because people LOVE them.
Although annual budgets may already be allocated hotel properties find that promotional based campaigns resonate for some time after the event if executed correctly. We know that by showing the potential for both immediate and ongoing revenue growth, these one-off campaigns can be very viable and are easy to replicate.
In that regard, we had to design, develop, and execute a campaign that simultaneously drove awareness, sales and database development.
video views
page engagements
new database entries for ongoing remarketing

How Was It Executed?

We used a vacation and ticket giveaway campaign that used a very compelling 60 second video as the asset. As we had Kenny Loggins available, we were able to create a very marketable piece. We split tested 35 different sets of copy and call to action in 200 different segmented audiences. In 48 hours we had determined the 5 assets that were working the best and used our proprietary scaling campaign to put the campaign over the top. ALL of this took place in under 12 days from contract to fulfillment.

Takeaway Learned?

The power of the Facebook video coupled with the integration of Facebook Messenger is VERY strong. We plan on rolling out promotions like this for quite a few hotels, festivals and special events.
Starting with hundreds of assets and being able to find the sweet spot in a few days was what defined this campaign. If you are not utilizing the data from the Facebook pixel and Facebook Messenger, then you aren’t truly marketing in today’s digital world.
Being able to know who is responding, why they are responding, where they are responding from, and the full demographic profile of those responding, not only helps with a digital campaign, but can make your offline campaigns more successful as well.
Data is your friend!
95 percent video viewer Custom Audience
Facebook Messenger subscribers
average AOV on room bookings

What Do We Do?

Our team can run a campaign in any market in America. Very simply, we drive massive interaction with current and prospective customers in ANY geographic area. Down the street, or across the country, and we get them engaged with your business.
Many businesses that we work with have advertising agencies that make and place their commercials. But those commercials don’t work on Facebook or Instagram. In fact, they serve to actually HURT your brand on those platforms.
Our campaigns are also MUCH less expensive than traditional television, radio, or newspaper advertising. And YOUR audience loves our promotions! We already know that. ( #Data)

 We Build Promotions And Campaigns That:

  • Can Be Created And Up And Running In As Little As 48-72 Hours
  • Drive Substantial Brand Awareness
  • Generate Substantial Incremental Revenue
  • Allow You To Create Viable Custom Audiences For Ongoing Remarketing (you can’t do that with traditional media)
  • Stimulate Immediate Sales

And we do this for a fraction of what you’d pay for a local television, radio, or newspaper campaign.

 Facebook Products Used In This Promotion

  • Geo-Targeted Custom Audiences
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Lookalike Audiences
  • Custom Conversions
  • Video (1250×1250) / (1080×1920)
  • Facebook Messenger Automation
  • Auto-to-Manual Bidding Sequencing

We're Ready When You Are!

It'll Be Like Nothing You've Ever Seen. We're That Confident!

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