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“What Does Hunger Look Like?”

Party City is where America goes to shop for all celebratory occasions in life. And arguably one of the best times to celebrate is Halloween. It’s when we get to put on a new face and pretend we’re something we’re not. It’s a lot of fun and for many of us we have been celebrating Halloween from the time when we were a kid all the way through our adult life. But there’s nothing funny about the face of a child who is hungry. Party City wanted to give back and as such, #PartyCityCares was launched.
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engagements from Shaq

The Challenge

Party City hadn’t as of yet tapped into the power of Facebook and Twitter and wanted to activate their customer base nationwide for the benefit of charity. Party City created a partnership tie with the Taste of the NFL to raise money for the non-profit group to further benefit the food bank, Feeding America. The task was to build awareness socially for the brand and raise money for a very good cause. It was important to make sure that the promotion not come across as inauthentic, “cheesy” or shed an unfavorable light on either Party City or the Taste of the NFL. Oh…and we only had 7 days to make it happen as the promotion was timed to culminate at the Super Bowl.

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How Was It Executed?

The idea was to launch a digital campaign wrapped around the hashtag #TackleHunger (see the NFL tie-in there? Pretty slick eh? ????) 

For every retweet containing that hashtag, Party City agreed to donate $1.00 to the Taste of the NFL. Now it was time to drive some SERIOUS positive, social notoriety and make Party City write a big check! 

We worked with Party City to activate an in-store drive nationally, but the most important part of the campaign was driving immediate buzz with a relatively small budget. Using Facebook and Twitter, I was able to ignite a veritable firestorm of activity.

Over a 7 day period my team worked Twitter with content and user outreach to drive over 125,000 tweets, re-tweets, likes, and comments. A great deal of the buzz was started with the creation of compelling posts that got the ball rolling. Once we were able to get NFL players, reality show actors, musicians and even Shaq himself to re-tweet about the promotion, we knew we had a success.

I stand behind every promotion I create and activate and as such, I felt honored to kick this one off with a tweet to my followers. And the rest, as they say, is history! Here is a sample of the voluminous amount of activity driven by this promotion.

Takeaway Learned?

We were challenged to drive substantial traffic and engagement in a very, very, short period of time, for a very worthwhile cause involving some of the biggest brands and celebrity athletes in the world. Most agencies need weeks and sometimes months to execute promotions such as these. We confirmed that we can “out engage” just about any brand property. Since we ran this promotions hundreds of similar brands and organizations have used #TackleHunger to help millions of people around the world. And it started with just one Tweet.
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What Do We Do?

Our team can run a campaign in any market in America. Very simply, we drive massive interaction with current and prospective customers in ANY geographic area. Down the street, or across the country, and we get them engaged with your business. Many businesses that we work with have advertising agencies that make and place their commercials. But those commercials don’t work on Facebook or Instagram. In fact, they serve to actually HURT your brand on those platforms. Our campaigns are also MUCH less expensive than traditional television, radio, or newspaper advertising. We eat them for lunch!

 We Build Promotions And Campaigns That:

  • Can Be Created And Up And Running In As Little As 48 Hours
  • Drive Substantial Brand Awareness
  • All You To Create Viable Custom Audiences For Ongoing Remarketing (you can’t do that with traditional media)
  • Stimulate Immediate Sales

And we do this for a fraction of what you’d pay for a local television, radio, or newspaper campaign.

 Digital Marketing Assets Used In This Promotion

  • Geo-Targeted Custom Audiences
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Lookalike Audiences
  • Custom Conversions
  • Video (1250×1250) / (1080×1920)
  • Facebook posts
  • Facebook Dark posts
  • Youtube
  • Twitter ads

We're Ready When You Are

It'll Be Like Nothing You've Ever Seen. We're That Confident!

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