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Consumer Sentiment In Regards To Ecommerce Has Shifted…In A BIG Way!
A new survey is showing that consumers appear to be shunning some of the trends that many of us have held as foundational data points for digital advertising. This new survey probed consumer thoughts regarding video ads, social media, ad blocking and other current issues.

We’re going to highlight some of the findings that shocked us.

don't prefer video ads

I find it shocking that this survey found that 72% of consumers do NOT prefer video ads. Despite Facebook’s push for video ads, nearly 3 quarters of those surveyed say video ads have no appeal. This is simply stunning!

Takeaway: Use video to create audiences. Don’t use video to sell. And on retargeting, go with images. This is what we will be testing heavily.

are more likely to click on desktop ads

While all of us in digital marketing have held firm to the idea that mobile is the Holy Grail, it seems the consumer doesn’t wholeheartedly share our beliefs. 55% of consumers prefer to click on ads on the desktop placement.

Takeaway: Spend much more on desktop placements of ads. This needs to be delved into deeply.

Now this next one is going to blow your socks off.

According to the survey results, Spotify (28%) and Pandora (24%) both beat Instagram for influence on consumers. Can you believe that? OMG that is mind-blowing. Note: Facebook (54%) and Google/YouTube (44%) are the big dawgs (numbers don’t add up to 100% as consumers were asked to pick their top choices)

Takeaway: “Hello Spotify? Pandora? Can I speak with one of your sales reps?”

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have a negative feeling about digital ads

This is of particular concern because the negative sentiment has risen over 9% since just last year. Possibly MORE of a concern is why the negative consumer sentiment is rising. Nearly 30% of consumers say that they are sick of being shown the same ads over and over again.

Takeaway: Too many marketers are being LAZY with their retargeting efforts. Ease up on the frequency and refresh your damn creative…OFTEN. Those that do will win. The retargeting game has forever changed. Now, it’s all about the customer journey.

“The results revealed that consumer sentiment opposes many of the trends predicted for 2018, including the rise of video, voice and ad blockers, and that recent digital advertising might actually be aggravating consumer distaste in online advertisements”

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