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Attention: ALL Real Estate Agents!!

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Attention All Real Estate Agents...Watch This Video!

⭐⭐ REAL ESTATE AGENTS: Take 7 minutes and learn how you can increase your revenue without buying any courses, software programs or expensive ads. ⭐⭐✅ Realtors have an unbelievable opportunity that most aren't taking advantage of.💯Let me know in a comment what questions you may have about implementing this. And I'll respond via Facebook Messenger as to how you can immediately capitalize on this.

Posted by Barry Cunningham Digital Media Consultants on Monday, September 10, 2018

Do You Really Need A Messenger Bot?: The better question is how are you conducting business without one? Why bother having a Facebook page if you don’t have a fully functional Messenger bot?

Who Is This For?: This benefits real estate agents and brokers who actually have, or are willing to generate, traffic to their Facebook page.

What Does It Cost?: That’s pretty much asking what does a car cost? Not being facetious at all. That question really is WAY to broad. Right now, many agents are running with the default messenger configuration as you saw in the video. It’s there, but it’s pretty much useless. ESPECIALLY if you don’t know how to configure it. 

On the other end of the spectrum, KLM Airlines runs ticketing and transactions off of their Messenger bot. 

From free to a 5 figure airline installation. The question is what do you want your bot to do? But please understand that most real estate agents can have a fully functioning, customized bot for under $500.00. Many configuration options can include your bot doing the following:

  • Answer phone calls
  • take appointments
  • send documents
  • issue reports
  • keep buyers up to date on progress
  • let sellers know when the inspection is
  • coordinate drip campaigns

There is literally no shortage of configuration options available to make your business run much more efficiently and profitably.

Want to find out more about getting your customized Messenger bot up and running? Just click the button below and we’ll show you the demo bot we built as featured in the video so that you can see the difference for yourself.

Click the button below and you’ll be given access right away…by Facebook Messenger, of course!

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