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“Huntin’, Fishin’ And Lovin’ Every Day!”

Luke Bryan is a multi-platinum, Country Music Entertainer of the Year winner, so when the chance came to wrap a promotion around his tour, our team members jumped at the chance.
You’d think that if you’re selling out every concert on the tour, that you’d have no reason to do a promotion. That’s where you couldn’t be more wrong.
When you’re as hot as Luke Bryan, tickets sell fast and MANY of your fans are shutout from tickets. If you plan on being around a while, the objective is to build a rabid fan base and to give as many people as possible an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience. That’s where we come in.
In this day o social media, fan experiences can make a huge difference in the ability to sell tickets for years to come. Taylor Swift knows this. Luke Bryan knows this. Axl Rose…not so much.
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The Challenge

Tasked with providing the ultimate fan experience for someone NOT attending an event was easy. (for us anyway). But we wanted to not just do a simple ticket giveaway. Instead we decided to make this a true, once-in-a-lifetime memory. We did not want to simply be a radio station promo.

As mentioned in other case studies, the more you require of a participant, the bigger the emotional tie and the more virality the campaign will garner.

Anyone can giveaway a concert ticket. We wanted to be “memory makers”…hmm, wonder if we should put that on a business card?

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How Was It Executed?

We used our proprietary “Wheels Up” campaign. With “Wheels Up”, we work with concert tours, special events, festivals, and sports teams (and sometimes hotels and resorts) and fly a winning fan and 3 friends to the concert of their choice anywhere in the continental United States.

They are given hotel accommodations, meal vouchers, and a cash stipend. Then at the actual event they are given prime tickets, and in some instances, a complete Meet-n-Greet VIP experience with the main artist..

Imagine the memory you are giving someone with a trip like this. Think they will ever forget it? Think they will tell EVERYONE they know about it? Think they will deluge social media with non-stop posts about it? Of course they will.  

Takeaway Learned?

Be prepared for the absolute onslaught of entries, comments, emails, and messages when you launch a campaign like this. When you are responsible for the image of an entertainer, a sponsor, and vendor participants, many things can break down. And that’s not even including the actual logistics.

You need to have a team in place that can handle social media, travel arrangements, and on-site management. We are responsible for the safety and overall experience of our guests from the time they leave their homes until the time they return.

That’s what we do best. We create large scale, turn-key, promotional campaigns that allow everyone involved to maintain a high comfort level.

comments and direct messages
entries in under 48 hours
winners with lifelong memories

What Do We Do?

Our team can run a campaign in any market in America. Very simply, we drive massive interaction with current and prospective customers in ANY geographic area. Down the street, or across the country, and we get them engaged with your business. Many businesses that we work with have advertising agencies that make and place their commercials. But those commercials don’t work on Facebook or Instagram. In fact, they serve to actually HURT your brand on those platforms. Our campaigns are also MUCH less expensive than traditional television, radio, or newspaper advertising. We eat them for lunch!

 We Build Promotions And Campaigns That:

  • Can Be Created And Up And Running In As Little As 48 Hours
  • Drive Substantial Brand Awareness
  • All You To Create Viable Custom Audiences For Ongoing Remarketing (you can’t do that with traditional media)
  • Stimulate Immediate Sales

And we do this for a fraction of what you’d pay for a local television, radio, or newspaper campaign.

 Facebook Products Used In This Promotion

  • Interest Layering/Targeted Custom Audiences
  • Page Post Engagement ads
  • Lookalike Audiences
  • Video (1250×1250) / (1080×1920)
  • Facebook Messenger Automation

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