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ICYMI…Digital Marketing News of The Week From Barry Cunningham
November 2018 Week 1

This week I’m launching a new feature for my readers. I’m going to take the digital marketing news of the week that I’ve taken a look at and creating a bundled summary of what I think you might find important. I’ll start each week’s summary off with a notable quote. This week’s quote is quite compelling.

I read the quote above and was shocked and affirmed at the same time. The Black Friday phenomenon, albeit man-made, may not be the utopian dream of ecommerce for much longer.
According to data gathered by, at least 75 retailers plan to keep their stores closed during Thanksgiving this year. Retailers had increasingly chosen to open stores during the national holiday in recent years, but the tide seems to be turning as the United States’ biggest shopping day loses significance.
Takeaway: Consumers are increasingly shopping for deals online, which means they don’t need to waste time lining up in stores for one big day of shopping. Govern your offerings accordingly.

Now let’s check out some stories:

✅ 2019 Will Be About Marketing Experiences. People ask me quite a bit where I’m headed in 2019. I’m going back to the future. I started my marketing career promoting fun. In 2019, I’m going back to “making memories”.
✅ Mobile Rules The Day. The market share for mobile shopping just continues to grow and grow!
✅ Begin Looking At Relational Targeting. With Facebook, we can target very deep. Instead of trying to sell directly, come in from a different, more relaxed approach. With targeted content. Not targeted product ads.😎
✅ WARNING!!! Marketers need to stop spamming with chatbots. Enough already. Prediction: 2019 will see Facebook really clamping down on unscrupulous marketers who are using chatbots to spam and annoy users.
✅ Increasing Traffic With Instant Articles. I was an early beta tester for Rebelmouse and I really respect the technology people behind RM so I felt this was worthwhile to take a look at. So I’ll be testing this myself.
✅ A Little Humor To Close. Many of you will be plotting your Black Friday offerings. Just be careful in doing so! See you next week!
✅ Shameless Self-Promotion Never Hurts. Let me know if we can help you drive revenue in your business.

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