Gregory Galgano Wants To See Downtown West Palm Beach Succeed

Gregory Galgano Wants To See Downtown West Palm Beach Succeed

Gregory Galgano from Gregory Charles Interiors, a full service Interior Design Firm serving the greater Palm Beaches, New York City and Connecticut, has owned a business in downtown West Palm Beach and has seen first hand how the homeless problem is affecting business.

West Palm Beach business owners are upset because the homeless are actually becoming more of an impediment.

“When I owned a restaurant, it became quite the problem. Once a gentleman came into the restaurant, The Dispensary that I owned with my partner”, explained Gregory Galgano. “He was demanding free coffee and free food and I had to politely ask him to leave and he got rather upset.”

Just down the street from The Dispensary, Michael Platt owner of Ultima Fitness Downtown has stories too.

“5:30 in the morning when we open up,” Platt says. “On a regular basis we have one or two people who will actually stand in front of car doors and not let our members out to come into the gym until they give them money.”

Both Galgano and Platt feel the homeless population downtown is becoming more aggressive and say it’s negatively affecting their business.

“I had a member I lost,” Platt says. “She said I’m not interested in coming to a place that is a homeless shelter by day and Bourbon Street by night.”

Galgano says downtown is losing local tourists to other parts of the county. “People from Jupiter or from Boca don’t want to come down here because of the vagrant population. It upsets me because I know my businesses are suffering as a result of that.”

That’s one of the reasons that Galgano has launched Gregory Charles Interiors and offers consultation to homeowners and Realtors. He has some tips for staging a home so that it will have the best chance of selling quickly.

Roll out a welcome mat as “First impressions are everything when selling your home,” Galgano says. Plus, prospective buyers usually linger by the front door before the real estate agent opens a home for viewing—so an enticing entrance is key. The best bang for your staging buck? A new welcome mat, which can cost as little as $15. “A fresh, modern mat—selected in the style of your home—convinces the buyer to see more,” Galgano says.

At Gregory Charles Interiors, LLC. we are passionate about designing spaces, as Gregory says, “adagio.” A union of old and new that ultimately brings an once tired item or space back to life.

By definition,”adagio” means a gently flowing tempo . Or in this case, the way Gregory Charles designs a space(s). A movement. A piece. A sequence of well-controlled, graceful movements performed as a display of skill. A duet by a man and a woman or mixed trio emphasizing difficult technical feats. A ballet of sorts. A love-duet sequence in a pas de deux.

A well designed space, we feel, should be the physical manifestation of a beautiful piece of music. Similar to how a piece of music elevates and moves you, a space should be an amalgamation of climactic cords consisting of various shapes, colors, patterns and textures. A dichotomy of periods and styles that magically, yet subtly manipulate the basic pulse of design. Comfortable, elegant and sophisticated. This is how Gregory Charles Interiors, LLC., implements, creates and executes each and every space they design. This, is our Design Approach.

Gregory Galgano operates a full service Interior Design Firm serving the greater Palm Beaches, New York City and Connecticut.

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Gregory Galgano from Gregory Charles Interiors, LLC would love to speak with you regarding your home staging needs and any of your home design questions.


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