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Get Massive Exposure!

Be exposed to an audience in excess of 70,000 people.

Data Is The Currency!

Imagine being able to speak one-on-one with thousands of foodies.

Drive REAL Traffic!

Unlike most promotions, we'll put people in your restaurant.

Your Fee? NOTHING!

There is no upfront fee to participate.


What Is FoodieVIP?: FoodieVIP is an online event wherein we feature local restaurants. Targeted Facebook users vie for the chance to visit and dine at a local participating restaurant.

When Will It Be: Ongoing (each restaurant partner will receive a week of FREE promotion) If you choose to participate, then we can launch within 72 hours of your agreement to participate.

What Does Participation Cost?: There are no upfront costs of any kind. No registration fees, no booth fees. And no advertising costs.

What Do We Need From You?: The only thing we ask of our participants is 8 to 10 gift certificates for dinner to be given away as a part of the promotion. Each winner will receive a pair of certificates. [alcohol is not included…if they want wine or drinks, they have to buy wine and drinks. This is food only!]

That’s pretty much it. We make it very, very simple for both local Facebook users and our participating partners. The simpler it is, the more successful the promotion will be.

You’re probably wondering what our objective is. That’s a simple answer as well. We want your business.

We believe that if we show you what we can do and PROVE our ability and more importantly, our VALUE to you…then perhaps we can chat about working together on a longer term basis.

But…if we only work on this one promotion, then that’s fine as well. Let’s get this one completed and get to know each other and then we can potentially talk about moving forward.


As a resident of Palm Beach County, I know first-hand that we have some awesome restaurants. I also know that a large number of our fellow residents (and returning visitors) haven’t visited many of them. That’s a real opportunity. I hope you see that as well.

I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

Barry Cunningham

p.s. If you’d like to see some case studies on some of our prior promotions click here.

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