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“Do You Want To Work With A NHL Team & EA Sports?”

This was a no-brainer. When our principals were running social media for the Florida Panthers of the National Hockey League, they were given the amazing opportunity to launch an amazing campaign. This is the type of campaign you dream about. A national sports franchise with a huge fan base teamed with the biggest video game developer in the world. (and you actually get paid for things like this!! What a business we’re in)
10 second+ video views
earned media impressions

The Challenge

Could a hockey team based in sunny South Florida compete with the likes of the Canadiens, Bruins, Islanders, Flyers, Red Wings, and Blackhawks in having their players win the coveted slot on the cover of the EA Sports NHL video game?
We definitely sought to try! Brian Campbell and Kris Versteeg were the 2 players on the Panthers who were nominated to be on the cover.
We had to get one of them to be a finalist for the team and then get that finalist chosen for the cover.

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How Was It Executed?

Both players generously donated their time to create some really funny videos. We then published those videos on the team’s social profiles and used Facebook ads and Twitter to drive massive traffic to the videos and the voting pages. Nothing tricky here. Just an all-out traffic campaign.

Takeaway Learned?

Working with a professional sports team and it’s fan base is a blast. If you know how to reach the fans and have great content to deliver to them, you have a recipe for a successful campaign. Unfortunately the Panther players didn’t win, but in this instance, winning wasn’t the point.
We drove AMAZING engagement and brand awareness for the Florida Panthers and EA Sports.
You can probably only imagine the size of these custom audiences that we built.

What Do We Do?

Our team can run a campaign in any market in America. Very simply, we drive massive interaction with current and prospective customers in ANY geographic area. Down the street, or across the country, and we get them engaged with your business. Many businesses that we work with have advertising agencies that make and place their commercials. But those commercials don’t work on Facebook or Instagram. In fact, they serve to actually HURT your brand on those platforms. Our campaigns are also MUCH less expensive than traditional television, radio, or newspaper advertising. We eat them for lunch!

 We Build Promotions And Campaigns That:

  • Can Be Created And Up And Running In As Little As 48 Hours
  • Drive Substantial Brand Awareness
  • All You To Create Viable Custom Audiences For Ongoing Remarketing (you can’t do that with traditional media)
  • Stimulate Immediate Sales

And we do this for a fraction of what you’d pay for a local television, radio, or newspaper campaign.

 Facebook Products Used In This Promotion

  • Geo-Targeted Custom Audiences with layered interests
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Facebook Website Traffic Objective
  • Video (1250×1250)

We're Ready When You Are!

It'll Be Like Nothing You've Ever Seen. We're That Confident!

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