The Naked Brand: The Movie That Advertising Agencies Don’t Want Clients To Watch

The Naked Brand: The Movie That Advertising Agencies Don’t Want Clients To Watch

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  • May 27, 2014

Porter Gale Naked Brand

This film came out last year, but I just had the opportunity to see it last night. I stumbled upon it and had to cancel dinner plans. It was that compelling.

Porter Gale starts off the movie, “The Naked Brand” with a very provocative statement. Obviously many advertising agency types will want to deny this, but we’re seeing this become more and more true every single day.

Advertising is everywhere and it’s becoming increasingly meaningless. Brands are spending enormous amounts of money to force ineffective “messaging” down our throats when they know that people are trying their best to avoid those messages.

Think about it. What percentage of people walking the planet look forward to seeing commercials? What’s the surest way to go broke? Chasing an increasing share of a declining market. There aren’t many markets shrinking faster than those who want to see advertising messaging.


If you’re in advertising and you haven’t seen this movie, you need to close the door to your office, put the headphones on, and watch this…twice!

If you’re a brand with a “dinosaur” agency on retainer, you may want to send them the link to this movie and tell them to watch this flick and take notes. On second thought, if you’re still working with a “dinosaur” agency, perhaps this movie should sound an alarm for you. It’s time to emerge from the “command and control paradigm.”

Watch the movie. It’s 45 minutes very well spent.

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