Introducing FanDezVous!

I’ve created a social media marketing collaborative. Looking at things from the outside in, it might seem as if I’ve created yet another agency. But when you really look closer, what you’ll find is a group of people who actually care. And it’s what we care about which sets us apart.

You see, most agency types are pretty good at nailing buzzwords in pitches and boardrooms. You hear them all of the time. Creative…Innovative…Strategic…Synergistic…but what do these words mean? Looking at a lot of what gets published on some brand profiles on social media, I can’t really tell.

And I’m not alone. Social media audiences across the various networks are tuning out in big numbers. Why? Because the buzzwords mentioned above, aren’t what today’s audiences are interested in.

Want to know what reaches today’s social audiences? It really is a pretty simple answer. Today’s audiences want passion. They respond to stuff that they care about. At some point throughout the day, you’re in someone’s audience. We all constantly exchange roles.

When you’re in the audience what are you passionate about? I want you to think about that for a moment.

Now, answer that honestly. Quick, what 5 things can you tell me you’re passionate about? A movie, maybe a restaurant, possibly that great song you sang on the way to work this morning. Perhaps it was that great game you saw yesterday. Or it’s the feeling you have when you see that special someone smile. What makes that special someone smile? What drives your kids absolutely crazy?

You see all of us can answer everyone of those questions. And if you’re like most people, none of your answers were contained in a brand mention.

The key to successful social media marketing isn’t about being creative, innovative, strategic or synergistic. The key to marketing in the new millennium is giving people what they want, when they want it and how they want it. And showing that you’re genuine in your effort to provide what your audience wants.

We know what your audience cares about because all of us who’ve come together to collaborate on Fandezvous know what we care about. That’s a core competency that we believe sets us apart.

What do we do? We create and amplify experiences that endear your brand to your audience in a way that no commercial ever could.

You can’t fast forward past memories. You don’t channel surf past what you believe in. You don’t believe in people who don’t believe what you do.

In today’s marketplace, we’re all the media. It’s not about who has the best equipment or the fanciest office.

It’s about who can tell the best story and provide the best experience to an audience. Your stories also have to be credible, culturally relevant and timely.

I don’t think any agency can help you produce stories and memories for your audience better than we can. That’s because we don’t operate as an agency. Fandezvous, is a collaborative, social think-tank, That’s why some of the brightest minds in marketing have decided to be a part of this. And that’s why you need to give me a call and take a few minutes to find out how we can create memorable relevance between your brand and your audience.

Remember, there’s no special skill in posting tweets and updates. There’s nothing impressive about generating a few hundred retweets, likes or comments.

Your audience forgets that quite quickly. What’s important is how they remember you. If they remember you.

You know what I’m saying is true. So why are you wasting time and money on agency work that your audience forgets, or worse, ignores.

Give me a call at 954-806-8373 and I’ll be happy to have a memorable conversation with you.