Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Knows Social Media

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  • January 3, 2014


What does it take to succeed in social media?

1. Cultivate an audience

2. Give that audience what they want

3. Stay relevant with what your audience is doing

4. Post great stuff…which goes hand in hand with #2 above

5. Have some balls!

That’s it. It’s not that hard. There’s more than a few brands out there that get it. One that showed their mad skills recently is Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream.

While the marijuana legalization issue would be off limits for most brands, Ben & Jerry’s knows what their audience wants. They also know who their audience is. And they responded to the hot news item of the day in grand fashion.

in my opinion these tweets are every bit as strong as the Oreo Super Bowl tweet.

They followed up that stroke of genius with even more genius!

Wondering where a late night taco brand or infamous stoner favorite hamburger chain were on this one. Oh yeah. It probably didn’t show up on their content calendar so they never even saw the opportunity to be relevant. Oh well.

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