Game Over On Facebook!

I bet the video below sums up the conversation taking place in conference rooms around the country. If you haven’t had the conversation yet, trust me, it’s coming. Panic is beginning to set in as there will be lots of explaining ahead. When you’re asked “why are we spending so much time and resources on Facebook when no one is […]

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Facebook Explained In 2 Posts!

This will be one of my shorter posts in some time. It solves the Facebook dilemma once and for all. No conference needed. No webinars, no surveys, no polls, no think tanks, no social media experts,…nope it’s all summed up in two nuggets I saw on Facebook this morning. The first is this very simple and authentic picture posted on […]

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Don’t You Hate When People Say I Told You So?

Don’t You Hate When People Say I Told You So? I know I do. So I won’t say it. I’ll let you just come to the conclusion for yourself. Even if it’s with a little bit of prompting. Back in December (seems so very long ago doesn’t it?), while everyone was making predictions for 2014, I walked the virtual plank […]

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The True Meaning of a Social Business

I recently watched this great interview with Brian Solis and Simon Mainwairing and it compelled me to write this article. The world around us has forever changed in the digital era. There is so much to absorb in this video that I recommend that you watch it a few times. I’ll look to highlight a few nuggets that really stood […]

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First Kiss Video By Wren Is Brilliant!

When is an advertisement not an advertisement? When it drives us to such emotional peaks that we forget we’re watching a commercial for a product. I’m not sure I’ve seen an ad that has compelled viewership, by such a diverse audience, as this “First Kiss” video by L.A. fashion label Wren. Here’s the premise. Wren puts 20 complete strangers together […]

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Each Day We Decide The Role We Play

“All the world’s indeed a stage and we are merely players. Performers and portrayers, each another’s audience…” What Role Are You Going To Play Today? You see you have no choice in the age of social media. The digital era relegates us to being a part of an audience or a performer. Sometimes even both. There is no middle ground. […]

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The Traditional Advertising Agency’s Fear Of The Digital Shift

If you’ve spent any time in a conference room at a traditional advertising agency over the last year or so, you have seen it. It’s almost palpable. It’s that undeniable look of fear. The fear of the dreaded budget reallocation. For quite some time, account directors and account executives have padded their bank accounts on hefty commission checks. Commission checks […]

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Coca-Cola Introduces The “Social Media Guard”

Are you hopelessly addicted to social media? Do you feel that some people have a more interesting life than your own? Do you spend your moments with a loved one (smartphone or tablet) only to have your spouse or significant other get in the way? Don’t feel bad, you’re not alone. In our social, scrolling world, many of us aren’t […]

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Jimmy Fallon Connects The Tonight Show With Social Media

As Jimmy Fallon launches his version of the Tonight Show, you can’t deny that in addition to his awesome talent on stage, Fallon knows how to use social media to his benefit. From his use and parody of hashstags to the implementation of the official Tonight Show app, social media is a big part of his success.  As with Andy Cohen, […]

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